Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Twoo Wuv

Breeding Notes 3/18/2015


Broderick + Winifred = 3 fall-offs. 1st fall-off Winifred peed immediately afterward. Weird? Normal? She definitely lifted for the next 2, he made sure of that. When I put her back in her cage she ran to sit in the corner and made soft little grunting/whimpering noises. Weird? Normal? Should I feel bad? Wait, don't answer that.

Broderick + Cordelia = 2 fall-offs. Cordelia also mounted 2x. She was very excitable and didn't seem to object to his attentions at first. After 2 fall-offs, Broderick gave himself a thorough grooming, during which time Cordelia flattened herself onto the floor and held super still. Once he got done and started to go for it again (maybe 5 minute break total), she started growling and punching at him. She was hastily removed.


Broderick + Cordelia = MAYBE one fall-off. She was really NOT keen to have another go and was removed speedily.

Broderick + Winifred = Again, doe was not so keen for another go-round. She mounted him for a while but I suspect it was purely to keep him off of her, not so much eagerness to breed. She got mean/grouchy after 1 fall-off and was removed to her own abode.

In other news, I'm getting better at handling rabbits in general. It sounds silly to say that I was afraid of them before, did make me nervous, having to pick them up. They can be scratchy little buggers. If you're not nervous it is SO much easier!

For those who are not offended by blatant bunny porn, I took some video of Winifred and Broderick the second time. It makes me giggle.