Saturday, March 14, 2015


Things are getting serious now, y'all. I've added an actual real live fluffy bunny BUCK to my rabbit operation. Which is now officially an "operation" because it can now officially operate (i.e. make baby bunnies).

Later this month he'll be introduced to his new girlfriends (YAYYY BABY BUNNIES!!!), but for the time being I'm keeping an eye on his health and attitude and whatnot, and just letting him get used to his new environment. Lately, when I go out to give him food and water, I'll put one hand on his face and one hand on his rump until he holds still (hands are not his favorite), and then I'll pet him and croon at him and tell him what a handsome wonderful bunny daddy he is. Then I'll take my hands off and give him his food, at which point he is very relieved.

THIS morning...when I opened his hutch he came over to me and stood up, and when I bent down to talk to him he put his fluffy whiskery nose up to mine and snuffled me before I even gave him anything. Then he bounced away and clicked his fluffy heels together in a totally adorable dancing-bunny-spasm.

I have not decided whether this was an expression of utmost joy that I had arrived and he really truly loves me; or if, upon touching me, he was overcome with repulsion and was trying to shake my person-juices off of himself.

Either way, it was freaking adorable.

Welcome to the rabbitry, Broderick! We are SO excited that you are here!


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