Saturday, August 2, 2014

The last few weeks...

...have been crazy go nuts.

Liesel is no longer with us. She decided to give Enoch (1 year old) a deep, nasty, horrible, bacteria-laden bite on the arm, for which there have been two emergency doctor visits and plenty of horrible, horrible medicine that he does his very best to spit out/throw up/spill/anything but swallow.

I'm still working through the mega dose of mommy-guilt I got for even letting the beast in my house in the first place. If I ever get an indoor cat again, I will get a kitten. Preferably one with a hilarious face, like this:

(I searched the interwebs for this picture, it does not belong to me)

For now, I'm totally cured of wanting one at all.


Moving on!

I rescued the bunnies from a giant, COLD rainstorm we had recently (69 degrees! in July! where do I live again?!? Watch out! Oklahoma just might be transforming into a magical paradise!), and I might have to do a post on their new location soon because I kind of love it. I set up baby gates to partition off my hallway, and they're using the litterbox and everything. I might keep them there until I can build hutches. I hate to put them back in their itty bitty cage when they're having so much fun scampering about.

I desperately need to compost and MULCH my garden. We'll see if I can con my mother-in-law into helping me get the mulch (mom! if you let me use your trailer and your superior strength and skills in shoveling for a couple hours, I'll let you babysit your perfect grandchildren for a couple of hours after that! evil plot is sure to succeed...). If I manage to get those two things done, I'll have a go at planting a fall garden and do a post on that. Stay tuned!

I made blackberry jam the other day, and it turned out absolutely beautiful and I love it. BUT...I've never made jam before, and so of course I forgot something. I forgot to add lemon juice. Of course. Does anybody know if that means the jam is sure to go bad? Should I freeze it? Or should I just live dangerously? I tend to think if it smells/looks okay when I open it, it should be okay. But maybe I'm wrong. Experts on jam, please advise.

So anyway! I've been stressed, but I think I'm going to make it to the end of the tunnel before the train hits. God is good. I have lots of posts planned, if I can just remember where I stashed my extra energy!