Thursday, October 2, 2014

Problem Salveng

Somebody told me that "Salve" is, despite its appearance, pronounced "Sahv". So now I'm going to revert to my rebellious 8 year old self and say: "WUT? THAT'S DUMB!". Which continues to be my opinion on much of the English language. And I was a grammar nerd, y'all. Lemme tell you. It just doesn't make sense. It's a twisty language. It likes to make you feel all comfy and safe and confident before popping out with a word like "Salve (sahv)" and laughing and jeering when you say it wrong.

English, you're a meanie-butt.

Regardless, I happen to know that in BRITAIN, where English STARTED, or something, people actually do occasionally pronounce the "L" in "Salve". So there. It's all YOU people that are saying it wrong. Not me. I meant to say it that way. On purpose. Because Britishes do.


This week the kids are learning about insects, and thus, bees, and so I thought it would be the perfect time to make salves, so that they could see what beeswax looks like! Yay!

First, you need a double boiler.

Or, a super fancy pot on top of a pot. Ta-da!

Next, you need some herbal oils (oil that's had herbs soaking in it for a period of time) and some beeswax. Oh, and some cute little tins or somesuch to contain your finished product.

Now, if anybody wants an actual recipe, they should go here: Mountain Rose Herbs. That's for those of you who are into measuring and stuff. Because I'm queen of chaos, I winged it. But you don't have to. I strained my oil into the pot and then I added some beeswax until I thought to myself, "Ooo, yes. That looks good. I think that's enough. Well done, self!" and then I melted them together on my super fancy double boiler.

My oils might have been soaking for a while longer than recommended. I might have forgotten that they existed until today. Maybe.

The kids had fun stirring, and then when it was melted together I poured it into my little tins (which I've had floating around the house for ages, just waiting for a purpose). It seems to have worked quite well, despite my aversion to measuring. I was rather pleased with the results! I made a simple plantain salve for things like stings and burns, and then a big batch with a mixture of comfrey (leaf...I haven't dug up my roots yet, lol), lavender, catnip, and plantain, which should be good for bruises and the like. It made a LOT for such a small amount of beeswax, which I think was the most expensive ingredient.

Hurrah! Easy peasy. Boo-boos begone!

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  1. You. Continue. To amaze. Forever and ever, ahmen.