Thursday, October 9, 2014


Finallyyyyyyyy! The long-awaited (by me) HUTCH update!!!

Winifred: "Wait, what? What are you doing? I thought I liked you, but you're not bringing food this time. What is that? Is it food? I don't think it's food. It's not green. Is it going to kill me? Sometimes not green things eat bunny things. Green things safe. Not green things bad. Except you. You're usually okay. If you bring food."

"Cordelia: "What is that? Food? Everything is Food, right? Food is all that matters in life. I only love you if you bring me Food. That better be Food. If it is Food, drop it in here and back away slowly. If you try to touch me while I'm dealing with Food, I will destroy you."

It took a long time, because...

1) There are SO MANY potential designs out there. Seriously. What's a wanna-be homesteader to think? Colony style? Digging? No digging? Moveable shelters that allow grazing? Stationary? Vermicompost underneath? Yea? Nay? Whaaaa??

2) I really don't know anything about building anything, at all, ever. Like I said before, I can use the measure-y thing. And maybe a screwdriver. Staple guns confuse me. And saws...are a little bit...scary.

3) I'm bad about remembering to go out and take pictures once the project is actually done.

In the end, I decided that a stationary structure is best for my current situation. My lawn is FULL of bumps and lumps and odd hills and holes, so it's really not practical to have a moveable "rabbit tractor". Once I finally decided that, the rest came together fairly easily, because I have an amazing, brilliant, perfect husband whose brain I was able to pick and whose skills I was able to take advantage of emulate.

He really is the best. He's been so patient with me during this project!

The tarp roof is meant to be temporary, as we just couldn't find barn tin anywhere at the time of construction. As it is though, I've been pretty pleased with the tarp. We've had a couple of good storms since they've been in this, and they've hardly gotten wet at all, even though the overhang isn't great. Hurrah!

I also decided against a colony-style setup, because of my undeniably controlling nature. I want to know exactly who breeds who, and whose babies are whose, and which mamas are best, etc. etc. I love taking notes on stuff like that. At the moment it kind of looks like a colony-style setup, but that's just because I haven't made the divider-thingy to go down the middle and split this into two cages.

Because I don't know how. Still waiting for the Darling Husband to have mercy on me with that one. :P

But you guys!! YOU GUYS! I HELPED MAKE THIS THING! It was super cool. I learned how to use a saw. Actually two different types of saws. I don't remember what they're called. One of them had a plug. Some of my cuts were less than perfect (read: my husband laughed. a lot.), but I DID IT. I feel liberated.

I also learned how to use the drill more effectively. Like, how to get it to make the screws go in. Instead of just stripping them out, followed by cursing.


Ohhh, and I hammered in staples. That was fun. I'm not so bad at hammer stuff.

This one looks pretty, so it was probably Tim's. :P

SO. Now all I have to do is get the divider in the middle (I didn't want it to be a permanent part of the structure, in case I ever want to make it big again), make some nest boxes, get another water bottle, and take the girls to meet their new boyfriend!! I'M SO EXCITED!!! :D

If things work out, and Winnie and 'Delia turn out to be good mamas, and rabbits do in fact turn out to be delicious, the next step will be for me to build another hutch and start looking for a good buck of my own!

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  1. Yay! We are just getting into meat rabbits ourselves, so I am trying to do as much reading as I can at the moment, since they came to us and I was not prepared. Since the previous owners had them in wire cages that were hung from a rafter, that is what we have them in. They are living under our, what was supposed to be shed that has no sides, so they are safe from the elements. We didn't have anything to hang their cages from so we built a table, with no actual top, to place the cages on top of. It works for now.

    Now to find a way to make a nest box. I'm usually up for learning as you go, but having a living thing depending on you, puts a little stress into the mix :-) Great job on your hutch!!! It is so rewarded to see goals met, isn't it?


    1. I made the mistake of getting my rabbits before I was ready, too. My husband was none too pleased. >< Poor man. He is so patient with me!

      I made my bunnies a box to hide under the other day, out of plywood and nails. It's rough, but it works! I plan on converting it into a nest box once I've got the girls good and bred. :)

      Good luck to us both!! Thank you so much for commenting!