Saturday, September 13, 2014

Whats and nots and suchlike

I realize I've been neglecting this. There have been all manner of things happening that I could have blogged about. I could have blogged about the party we had; how I took a theme from our homeschool unit and ran so wild and crazy with it that I made an octopus piƱata that was only part 6 of an 11 step treasure hunt and obstacle course meant for only the bravest and most daring of adventurers.

I could have blogged about taking my kids for a walk to the library, and the health food store, and picking all manner of weedy greens for the rabbits along the way. I could have taken pictures, and told you all about Plantago major and Taraxacum officinale. And also shared how incredibly weedy and unkempt our town is. Oh well, more goodies for us!

Obviously, I didn't blog anything. Or take pictures of anything. I was far too busy getting attacked with water balloons, or yelling "STOP AT THE STREET! WAIT FOR ME! BE CAREFUL! STOPATTHESTREET!" a hundred million times an hour.

I believe this is called "life", and sometimes it just feels best to live it.

The rabbits have been banished once again to the outdoors, just in time for the gorgeous September cool-down. I actually got in a teensy bit (cough) of trouble because one or more bunnies may or may not have ruined the closet door with their adorable ferocious nibbling. So now I have a new project on my list: refinish closet door to look I think it can be done. Perhaps you will get to see the transformation!

The good news is, it looks like my wonderful, loving, kind, patient husband is going to take pity on me and my dearth of carpentry skills. The hutches will be built! The rabbits will be bred! Baby bunnies will abound, along with copious shrieks (mine) of appreciation!

Fur hats and mittens and slippers and delicious stews will also abound. Eventually. But we won't think about that while they're tiny and adorable and fluffy and sweet and cuddly. :P

For now, the change in the weather has refreshed my soul. I pursue the life in front of me with renewed determination. Now is the season of planning, of pondering, and of preparation. And knitting. And soup. And of course pie.

Pie. Mmm. Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiieee. Pie.


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