Friday, June 27, 2014

Foraging Friday

Blackberries. Oh the things I will do for blackberries!

Or pretty much any berries, for that matter. Plump, juicy, luscious things. When we discovered brambles by the duck pond early this year, right in the middle of our little town, I wondered what they would turn out to be. I hoped for something edible. Later, when I positively identified them as blackberries, I was ecstatic! I took the boys berrypicking at the first opportunity.

And quickly repeated the excursion.

And intend to do so again shortly.


So it turns out...wild blackberries have lots of thorns.

Maybe the mini skirt wasn't such a good choice... least I wore boots?

I would show you only this angelic picture of my three-year-old (right), but this next one is more typical of his personality:

Booyah! Blackberries in my yogurt! I win!

As a side note, I DID learn that you have to eat/cook/freeze/process/whatever your fresh picked wild blackberries THE moment you get home, otherwise they mold very quickly, or wind up with interesting little wiggly critters in them (...yummm...). Hence the reason I will be going berrying again very soon. Be wise and learn from my mistakes. LOL...happy foraging to you all! May your baskets overflow!
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  1. Ouchie Ouch! Glad they are worth it; Xavier certainly enjoyed his!

    1. I'm so glad! He is such a sport!