Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Offspring

So the babies are pretty much at their most adorable stage right now. Fluffy, hoppy, spazzy, nibbly, and adorable. For the most part, people in my life have been very accepting of the fact that I am raising these beasties for meat. I was very nervous about telling my next-door neighbor, for instance, because she had emphatically declared herself to be "such an animal lover" when I spoke to her a couple of weeks ago.

Fortunately (or unfortunately...), the kids told her for me. In their not-so-tactful, abrupt, darling, childlike way. (Gentry, my neighbor, rushing out of her house squealing about the baby bunnies I'm holding)...

Gentry: "Ooooohhhh baby bunnies!!! THEY'RE SO CUUUUTE!! Are you going to keep them?"

Me, hesitantly: "Yeesssss..."

Gentry: "*gasp* Oh my gosh look at that one, it's so adorable! Can I hold one?? So you're going to keep all of them?"

Neighbor Kid (who has already got over the shock of being informed by MY kids that we eat rabbits) breaks in gleefully: "She's going to EAT them!"

As it turns out, Gentry used to have pigs and actually ate them. So she was very understanding. "Well, you've got to eat", she said. And also, "It's just the same as cows, really." I was very relieved, and sort of wanted to hug her round the neck for that.

The next-door-neighbor girl's best friend (around 11 years old, give or take), on the other hand...was not so keen.

(Horrified pre-teen girl glares at me while speaking in an outraged and exaggerated baby-voice): "WHAT?? WHY would you EAT cute fwuffy widdaw bunnies?!? That's MEAN and horrible and cruel!!"

Me: "Why do you eat a chicken?"

Her, tossing her head scornfully: "WELL I don't raise those, I don't care about them!"

...And in one sentence, I think she summed up nicely one of the main problems with the food industry...

I did make sure to emphasize (kindly, but firmly!), that I am not cruel. I am very particular about the way my rabbits are raised, and you can be sure that they have the absolute best life, and also the best death, that I can possibly give them.

But, since they are only three weeks old, we won't think about their eventual fate right now. Here are some adorable pictures to take your mind off it!

Cordelia's litter:


(As in, Cacao Nib! 99% sure this one is a Buck)

Last I checked, she looked female, but that could change, lol.

Completely unsure of this one's sex. Also, I keep getting it mixed up with its sibling:
Trifle! Or is it Pudding?

It's so hard to tell.


Or Dolly. She looks just like her mama.
Sugar Plump.

Pretty sure this one is male. Ezekiel says "Sugar Plump" every time I say "Sugar Plum", so Plump it is. LOL
My big boy Blackstrap!

The only way to tell the difference between him and Treacle is size. He's a big fatty. Treacle is more dainty. Well, and I think they're different sexes. Maybe.

Finally, this is Yorkshire Curd Tart.

Or just Curd. Not sure on sex.
Winifred's litter:
My sweet girl, Seven of Nine.

She's so pretty!

I originally thought he was a girl, I'm thinking...maybe not.


I couldn't help it...he has such a perfect moustache.
And here's Mario.

Mister Lardycake.

Still pretty cute for a white rabbit!
And here's Fritter. She didn't much care for being picked up.

The females seem to be much less chilled out than the males.

I love her markings, though. Even if she's a spaz!
Last but not least...

He's actually Cordelia's runt, but I moved him over to Winifred so that he'd have a chance at getting more milk with less effort. ;) He's still super tiny compared to everybody else, but he's still charging around acting normal, so I'm hopeful for him!
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  1. I really did laugh out loud over "she's going to EAT them!" So funny. Thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop!

    1. These kids entertain me so much every day, lol. Thanks for visiting!! ^_^