Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Addition

Meet Liesel Arachnia, Empress of Comfy Loveseat and Official Mouse/Vermin Eliminator.

I know I said I'm not into pets, but...this one won me over. I give her cod liver oil and she loves me a lot. Plus we have a mouse problem, so she's justified, right? RIGHT?!? :P

I had a sore back the other night and was lying face down in bed, and she came and laid on top of me and kneaded the sore spot with her claws and warmfed me with her awesomeness.

I kind of love her.

Eventually, I hope to raise quail or some other small bird (pheasant, pigeon, etc.) in addition to rabbits so that I can afford to feed her a raw diet. She gets some raw now, but it's definitely more of an on-the-side thing. Still, her coat has gone from rough and dry to sleek and shiny over the course of a week, so I think she's adjusting to the cushy life pretty well!

I have no idea whether or not she is pregnant. The vet was kind of useless in that area. I do know she's been roaming the neighborhood for a while now, and there was definitely an interested tomcat who kept pestering her, so it's pretty likely. We'll find out by the end of August or so! The vet's assistant told me it didn't matter either way, we could just get her spayed and if she was pregnant, she "wouldn't have them kittens!".

I told Liesel if she DOES have kittens, I won't be throwing them away. Her babies are worth having if they're in there. And amen.

So we'll just wait and see. Ezekiel really, reeeeally wants her to have kittens. Because they would be "SooooooooOOOOOOooooo CUUUUTE!!", he tells me while he cups his hands in front of him, cradling the tiny imaginary kitten and crinkling up his five-year-old face as if being pummeled by infinite armies of adorable.

Ohhhh baby animals. How you slay me with your evil cuteness!

I can't wait until we have baby bunnies. There aren't many things in this world cuter than a baby bunny. Especially when they get their fur and start hopping around like perfect little minatures of their parents. Like the ones in THIS VIDEO. OR THIS ONE. Oh my word. I have to stop thinking about it now. I'm about to blow the lid off my cuteness tank just imagining them.

Did that sound weird?

Ahem! So I moved my rabbits since they finished fertilizing my front lawn, and I put their cage UP on a RAISED contraption so they're not on the GROUND (are you reading this, Ernest?). This was mainly because the cage isn't actually built for being on the ground and was beginning to get slightly rusty (ugh). Also because moving a cage that's not built for it every single day gets very tiresome. Anyway. IT WAS NOT BECAUSE ERNEST TOLD ME TO DO IT, IT'S BECAUSE I WANTED TO. SO THERE.

Moving on...

My totally redneck setup...

Winifred, just chillin'...
 Don't worry, it's temporary!! LOL...but hey, it was something I could do BY MYSELF, and it got the cage off the ground the way I wanted it, it's pretty sturdy, and it was cheap! All good things. I have grand plans to build a wonderful hutch system this month (this one is WAY cool), but since I'm totally inept at using a drill/saw/any useful tools, I have to wait for my already hard-working husband to have the time and inclination to help me/teach me/do it while I watch. ;)

I'm really pleased with their location in the backyard. They get looooots of shade and I don't worry about them near as much as when they were in the front! Hurrah for happy critters!


  1. Liesel is lovely! Your superlative adjective useage slays me.

  2. If you have bunnies, I might need a "work bunny" as a compost-enriching family member :) Merrily

    1. Assuming all goes well and they have good sized litters, I would love to give you one, Merrily!! ^_^

  3. Your annoying/opinionated sister :pJuly 6, 2014 at 12:27 PM

    Liesel is a purty girlie. I love that she's getting raw goodies! *WARNING, rant following* I just have to say real quick that I completely understand the vet tech's point of view. There are already too many stray/diseased/neglected cats in the world due to human negligence. A spay/abort is sad, but more humane than continuing the cycle of stray and unwanted cats that wind up dying of traumatic injuries or disease. *rant over* Anyways, not saying that would definitely happen to Liesel's offspring, but the vet tech doesn't know you from Adam and I imagine is just going off of what she sees all too often.

    1. It's a sad situation, but yeah. I do get it. Aborting them is just too sad for me. IF she does have kittens, I will get them fixed of course. And Liesel, too! And hopefully move out to the country so they can live a full kitty life out amongst what few natural predators we have left...ahem. The vet tech, though...she did and said some other things that also troubled me. We'll just say she and I didn't get along and leave it at that, LOL. The actual vet was awesome though!

    2. Oh, and I meant to say that I do not believe that aborting them purposefully is an acceptable ("humane") solution to the current cat problem. But I know we disagree on that one. ;)