Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I'm not really a fan of pets. That's not to say that I think nobody should have pets ever, but the idea of having an animal whose primary purpose is to lounge around and eat while being cute and cuddly doesn't really thrill me personally. But I LOVE livestock. I get really pumped up about animals that can truly contribute in a tangible way to our everyday lives. It just gets me excited!

Enter our newest additions...

Meet Winifred and Cordelia, the soon-to-be Matriarchs of my very first adventure in homegrown meat and fur!

I know this is a touchy and controversial subject, but I really feel as if I'm getting the best of both worlds. My girls will be the perfect, adorable cuddly pet-like critters, and their offspring will be a respected and honored contribution to my freezer. I'm excited about getting these beasties switched over to a mostly-forage-fed diet and making sure that they get the best lives I can possibly give them!

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